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The Philmac 3G™ range of compression fittings doesn’t just represent the latest technology available; it is the next generation of pipe fitting.

The 3G range is a global platform of pipe fittings. By simply changing the nut, split ring and seal, 3G™ fittings can effectively join any standard
of PE pipe including normal gauge, metric and imperial pipe types.

Featuring Philmac’s unique Slide & Tighten® technology, 3G™ compression fittings make installation easy. No insert is required and no force is needed to push the pipe into the fitting. In addition, a visual stop indicator reduces the risk of over tightening.

MDPE Underground Water Pipe Philmac U.T.C.Universal Coupler MDPE Isolation Valve MDPE Tee Peice

MDPE Pipe Blue, also referred to as Alkathene pipe, PE pipe, Polypipe, Water pipe, Blue Water pipe and PE80 pipe, is designed for clean potable water supply below ground. Our Philmac fittings and valves are ideal for use with MDPE Pipe Blue.Blue MDPE can be used for potable water (drinking water) underground as service connections from the distribution mains to individual properties and may also be used for above ground services if the pipes are installed within protective ducts

The Video demonstrates the simplicity of jointing Philmac's MDPE pipe to most other types of water Pipe with standard coupler. When completed the pipes can be buried. The pipes can be disconnected within just a few seconds if so required

We have the following lengths of MDPE Pipe Blue available: 25m, 50m, 100m and 150m coils, together with an everyday selection of Fitments